VALRICO, Fla. (WFLA) — An 11-year-old boy is in disbelief that he not only survived, but is back at home just a week after getting struck by lightning.

Levi Stock was boating with his family in Riverview on Thursday. The Stock family said he had a rope in hand ready to tie up the boat as they approached Williams Park Boat Ramp.

Photo provided by Kristen Stock

Levi’s mother, Kristen, said a lightning bolt came out of nowhere.

“We went fishing, but the last thing I remember was swimming,” Levi said.

Levi said it’s a good thing he doesn’t remember the bolt striking his lower back.

“Thank goodness because I would be really scared right now,” he said.

Levi showed News Channel 8 the path the bolt took in his lower body.

“One through my tailbone,” he said. “It went through my leg, out here then right there and it came through my pinky toe.”

The bolt of electricity was powerful.  

“It was just an explosion in my face, my ears were ringing,” said Kristen.

The strike caused Levi to be thrown off the boat. Kristen said her husband, Derek, immediately jumped in to rescue their son, who was unresponsive.

“Derek started doing CPR and I called 911,” she said.

Four minutes later, first responders arrived on scene.

“I just remember thinking what can I do and I thought people just need to pray,” Kristen said.

Levi was taken to Tampa General Hospital where he finally regain consciousness.

“I got struck by lightning? That’s pretty hard to believe because that’s one in 1 million chance,” he said.

The three deputies who administered first aid to the young boy, stopped by the hospital to check to him.

“Thank you for all the prayers really helped me to get through this,” Levi said.

“It was a miracle, it was God working in him that’s the only explanation,” Kristen said.

Levi said he does have some pain in his knees and legs, but his scans are all good.