TAMPA (WFLA) – A Sarasota swimmer is now the fourth Suncoast athlete heading to the world’s biggest stage and is making a splash with her performace in the Olympic swimming trials.

19-year-old Emma Weyant didn’t just swim a big race.

She clocked in this year’s fastest time in the world for the 400 individual medley and punched her ticket to the 2021 Olympic games in Tokyo.

“It was really crazy… you can hear it before you see it because it is such a big arena and the crowd is huge. It was super exciting and I’ve never experienced anything like that,” Weyant said.

Weyant’s race strategy was easier said than done.

“Honestly, I was just trying to race. That’s pretty much what this whole race is about especially in finals so I was just trying to compete with the best and place as high as I could,” Weyant said.

The Sarasota sharks swimmer stunned the Olympic trials Sunday by negative splitting her last 100 meter freestyle and beating out three former Olympians.

“Once I flipped at the 200 mark, I knew it was time to get to work because that is where my strengths are… so I am really excited to travel with the best and race internationally again… it has been a while,” Weyant said.

Weynat says her swimming career is just getting started.

“I will be at the University of Virginia in the fall swimming for college so college season and keep going until the next cycle,” Weyant said.

Weyant will be one of four Suncoast athletes competing at the Olympic Games.