SARASOTA, Fla (WFLA) – Jennifer Tucker-Mogensen is no longer just a mom to an Olympic athlete, but she’s now a mom to the Olympic medalist. Her daughter, Mary Tucker, won the silver medal for the Mixed Team 10-meter Air Rifle Competition at the Olympics.

“It feels fantastic. She has worked so hard and has been so focused for this moment. She just had to medal,” said Jennifer Tucker-Mogensen.

Tucker-Mogensen tells 8 On Your Side it was a roller coaster of emotions watching the competition unfold.

“It was very up and down, up and down. I felt sick to my stomach, then I was elated. It was crazy trying to watch that,” added Tucker-Mogensen.

20-year-old Mary Tucker is one of only two members on Team USA that are competing in multiple events. She will be shooting in the women’s air rifle, mixed team air rifle, and women’s smallbore.

Her mom said beyond the medal, she is most proud of how hard Mary has worked to get to this moment.

“Between being straight-A student in college, an NCAA athlete, an Olympic caliber athlete, she works so hard, her work ethic is what I am most proud of and what got her to the medal,” said Tucker-Mogensen.

 Mary Tucker is set to compete in her final shooting event at the end of this week.