TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Couldn’t finish all of your Thanksgiving dinner? That may be a good thing for two-thirds of Americans who think their Thanksgiving leftovers are better than the original meal.

Out of 2,000 U.S. residents surveyed who celebrate Thanksgiving, 70% said they believe leftovers taste better than their original meal served on Thanksgiving day, according to survey results from Stasher. More than half of the same participants said their Thanksgiving holiday would be ruined if there were no leftovers.

According to Study Finds, 62% believe turkey are the best leftovers while 46% say mashed potatoes and stuffing are the best. Pumpkin pie was next in line at 45% is the best for leftovers. Interestingly 38% of participants said that it shouldn’t be eaten at any other time of year except the holidays.

If you’re wondering how long your leftovers will be good for, 8 On Your Side has a guide for saving the most popular leftover dishes like turkey and stuffing. If you have enough to spare, try some of WFLA’s favorite holiday leftover dishes like JB’s Midnight Turkey Extravaganza or the Turkey bagel melt.