TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — During this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month, we highlighted the impact inspiring leaders have made in Tampa Bay.

The Mercy Full Project is a Hispanic-led non-profit animal rescue in Tampa that was founded by Heydi Acuna and her partner Nash in 2019.

The couple began small by picking up abandoned pets in their own car to get them the proper care.

Their passion led to opening up a location to operate the rescue out of, which now has several volunteers donating their time.

“I can help her (Heydi) achieve what she wants and what she has done to this place is amazing,” Mercy Full Project Volunteer Mickey Sagas said.

Currently, the rescue has more than 100 animals up for adoption, including dogs and cats.

“They need is so great out there because people can’t afford it,” Sagas said. “They don’t have housing; they’re living in a car some of them.”

The Mercy Full Project also provides resources to pet owners who are struggling financially.

“If you have an animal, don’t have a way to feed them, come, we give you food for free,” Sagas said.

The non-profit is currently looking for volunteers and foster homes for their pets.

The Mercy Full project is located at 901 N. Fremont Avenue in Tampa.

You can find adoption, volunteer and foster information on their website.