TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Fifteen-year-old Janiah Hinds is changing the world one Instagram video at a time.

Through her own brand, Slay It Proud, Hinds, who lives in Tampa, posts weekly videos on Instagram about inspirational African-Americans.

“By seeing what other people have done, African Americans, that they feel they can do whatever they want to do and they can go after their dreams and know that someone has done it before them so they can do it as well,” Hinds said.

Every week, she researches little known Black history facts, writes down her thoughts, creates a script and presses record. She posts the videos every Friday and calls the segment “Black Friday.”

Hinds told 8 On Your Side the idea started after she heard the slew of negative racial stereotypes about African-Americans.

“People say we are uneducated or lazy, or we can’t be own boss and be entrepreneurs,” Hinds said.

So now she’s flipping the script, expressing the positive things African-Americans represent and spreading good things African-Americans have done. She’s even taken her message and launched her own clothing line. Much of her merchandise are words of affirmation and encouragement for the black culture.

Black history is a part of Janiah’s passion. She plans to become a Civil Rights Attorney in the future and believes her Slay It Proud brand will help her accomplish her goals.

Janiah is one of three children to two loving parents. Her dad, Kymone Hinds, oftentimes watches his daughter in awe of the things that she is doing.

“I see a world changer,” Kymone said. “I see a young lady who has a tremendous heart and has this care for those who may be forgotten.”

Janiah gets a lot of support from her family, which pushes her daily.

“We call ourselves team Hinds,” Kymone said. “When one wins, we all win and we push ourselves to win.”

Janiah is a young, driven and inspirational teenager spreading Black Girl Magic, one Slay It Proud video at a time.

To check out some of Janiah’s clothing, click here. To check out some of her videos, search ‘SlayItProud’ on the app, Instagram.