(WFLA) — NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter continues to push boundaries after it completed a record-breaking flight that took place on April 8, according to the space agency.

Ingenuity’s black-and-white camera provided NASA with “dramatic video” of its record-breaking 25th flight as it covered a distance of 2,310 feet (704 meters) at a top speed of 12 mph.

NASA said it was the Red Planet rotorcraft’s longest and fastest flight to date.

“For our record-breaking flight, Ingenuity’s downward-looking navigation camera provided us with a breathtaking sense of what it would feel like gliding 33 feet above the surface of Mars at 12 miles per hour,” Ingenuity team lead Teddy Tzanetos said.

After the rotorcraft reached an altitude of 33 feet, it headed southwest and accelerated to its maximum speed in less than three seconds.

After a few moments in the air, the rotorcraft found a relatively flat and featureless terrain which served as a suitable landing location.

A video of the 161.3-second flight was sped up approximately five times, reducing it to less than 35 seconds, NASA said