TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — It’s been 40 months since the last launch of SpaceX’s mighty Falcon Heavy rocket. But enthusiasts won’t have to wait much longer until its next launch, according to an announcement from the private space company.

The Falcon Heavy is now scheduled to blast off from the Kennedy Space Center Tuesday to deliver two spacecraft payloads into geosynchronous orbit.

According to launch details posted on the Kennedy Space Center’s website, the Falcon Heavy rocket aims to deploy the TETRA 1 microsatellite into orbit, along with the USSF-44 mission for the U.S. Space Force.

Following ignition, the Falcon Heavy’s two side boosters will land on landing zone 1 and landing zone 2 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station while the core stage will be expended.

The spaceflight was initially rumored to take place on Monday, Oct. 31 but was moved to Tuesday, Nov. 1.

According to the private space company, the Falcon Heavy is the most powerful rocket in use today, however, it is not bigger or more powerful than the Saturn V that was used to launch Apollo astronauts to the moon.