RIVERVIEW, Fla. (WFLA) — Head coach Tony Rodriguez is in his second year at the helm of the Riverview Sharks football program.

Riverview High School is undefeated so far this season. However, for Rodriquez, being a head coach and leading his team to success is something he’s always dreamed of.

“I was joking with you. I’ve gotten 100 no’s, and this is my first yes. I’m taking it all very seriously. I’ve got so much pride in this job he’s helped improve every aspect of our game,” said Rodriguez.

“He always says it’s three phases of football. You have special teams, you have offense, you have defense, everything has to be sound,” said Riverview senior offensive lineman Jonathan Stark.

“We’re turning this program around. Last year, we were 5-5, and we didn’t have any district wins. [We were] 0-3 in the district and we didn’t be our rival,” said Rodriguez.

“This year, so far, we’ve gotten one district win, and we beat the rival. So, so far so good,” said Rodriguez.

“Last time we beat them was the year I was born, and I mean, that’s just something you can’t live down. That’s something that will be in your high school highlights forever,” said Stark.

“To come back and be able to win that game was huge for us and the school,” said Riverview senior quarterback Aaron Turner.

“I’m so proud of these guys. They are making a statement and taking it one game at a time, but we’re in the driver’s seat, and we control our destiny, and we’re excited about the opportunity,” said Rodriguez.