(WFLA) — Video uploaded to Instagram showed a heartwarming interaction between actor Jack Black and one of his young fans.

Black met 15-year-old Abraham at an event in Palos Verdes Estates, California, on Oct. 8 to help raise money for pediatric hospice and palliative care.

After being introduced to Black by his mother, Abraham told him about how he loved “School of Rock” and its songs.

“That’s my favorite movie, thank you!” Black responded.

The actor then began singing “The Legend of the Rent” to Abraham after learning it was his favorite song.

“That’s the song, right?” he said before continuing along with the teen.

According to Abraham’s mother, Veronica, the teen has a rare mitochondrial disease called Pearson Syndrome and was being treated at TrinityKids Care for the past year.

The event Black was was the Layla Paige and Friends Walk for TrinityKids Care, which he hosted for several years for charity.

After sharing the song together, Black thanked the fan for his comments and said goodbye.

“Such a wonderful person!!” Veronica wrote on her Instagram post. “He sang [Abraham’s] favorite song from his favorite Jack Black movie ‘School of Rock.’ Such joy in [Abraham’s] face as he heard him sing!!”