NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A second woman has accused country star Jimmie Allen of sexual assault.

The woman, identified only as “Jane Doe 2,” filed a federal lawsuit Friday.

The lawsuit claims that in early May 2022, she met Allen on a plane to Nashville. While she did not know who Allen was, Allen’s bodyguard allegedly followed her to the airport and told her that Allen wanted her phone number.

While in Nashville, Allen took the victim and her friends for a night out on the town and then told the women he was leaving to tour but would keep in touch, the lawsuit says.

Over the next several months, the woman and Allen allegedly spoke via FaceTime and text message several times per day. It was during this time Allen allegedly led her to believe he was currently separated from his wife, loved her, and wanted to marry and have children with her, believing she would also be a good stepmother for his children, according to the lawsuit.

After months of talking long-distance, the alleged victim and Allen eventually met again in Las Vegas where Allen was scheduled to make several public appearances. During the appearances, the suit claimed Allen introduced the alleged victim as his girlfriend, repeatedly saying he wanted to have a future and children with her.

Once the appearances wrapped up, Allen allegedly brought the victim to his hotel room where they were joined by his bodyguard. Allen and his bodyguard said she could spend time in the room while they arranged for a separate room for her. Allen and the woman then made their way to the balcony of his hotel room while his bodyguard excused himself to go to his own room, she claimed in the lawsuit.

After allegedly kissing on the balcony, Allen told the victim to join him in the bedroom, but told her to wait, face and hold onto the balcony rail, and to keep her back to the door, warning her not to look, according to the lawsuit.

She later said she heard rustling and thought Allen was going to surprise her with champagne or rose petals, but he did not. He returned to the balcony after roughly five minutes, she recalled, and invited her into the room.

While in Allen’s hotel room, Allen allegedly sexually assaulted her and “passed out,” the lawsuit said. As she was preparing to leave the hotel room, she noticed a light on inside Allen’s closet and found Allen’s cellphone, facing the bed, leading her to believe he had been recording the entire event, the lawsuit claims.

The woman said she tried to wake Allen up to force him to delete the video but couldn’t, so she took his cellphone to the police and filed a police report.

Another woman, identified as Allen’s former manager, said in a lawsuit filed in May that Allen raped and sexually abused her. Allen, however, claimed the relationship was consensual.

After his former manager filed the lawsuit, Allen was subsequently dropped from the 50th CMA Fest lineup. He was originally scheduled to perform on the final day of the festival, Sunday, June 11, on the main stage at Nissan Stadium.

Nexstar’s WKRN reached to Wide Open Music, the company that represents Allen, for comment from the singer, but did not immediately hear back.