TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Peter Pinnock still can’t believe that his dream came true.

“Man, it’s one of those feelings that man, this morning is like so unexplainable,” said the 25-year-old.

He waited a lifetime, then the magic finally happened – in his home, with his team, for the whole world to see.

“My happiness is just insane and just the fact, that so many people, everybody is seeing hope, this is a person back home, from here. It’s a beautiful feeling, I’m so joyful,” Pinnock told 8 On Your Side.

The Florida native who graduated from Manatee School for the Arts and grew up playing football in Palmetto got a call in late January, one he’s dreamed about his entire life.

He was selected to dance during the Super Bowl half-time show with The Weeknd.

“This was like the biggest blessing to get cause It’s one of the biggest events that there’s been since COVID started. It’s a blessing to be a part of it. It’s crazy,” Pinnock said.

Peter now lives in Los Angeles, but comes home often to see his family and friends.

He says the one part that was tough about this latest high-profile job – he couldn’t tell a soul what was about to happen.

His part in the Super Bowl LV performance was kept confidential until the very end. Even his agent couldn’t tell him what the job was until the last minute.

“It blew my mind,” Pinnock said grinning ear to ear. “I mean, the first reaction was boom! The second reaction was, MOM!”

The more than 250 dancers who performed during halftime had less than a week to choreograph the show. The masks, Peter said, were a nod to COVID-19 while also keeping the performers safe while they danced as a unit. Just like the players on the field moments before.

“I was standing on the field on the 25, and I was thinking about how all these players were just running here and now I’m about to perform in Tampa, for an historical game, it’s a crazy feeling and I’m beyond grateful,” Peter told us.

If you’re wondering where he was in the sea of dancers, he was one of 20 who surrounded the Weeknd just before he performed his hit single, “Blinding Lights.”

Peter could also be seen during the mirror maze as well.

An unforgettable moment during an unforgettable weekend.

In the end, he wants people to know one thing, anything is possible if you set your mind to it and never, ever give up as dreams really do come true.

“I love Tampa,” he said, beaming. “And, mom, I love you! You’re my rock!”