NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Former NFL Quarterback Jay Cutler and reality TV star Kristin Cavallari are being sued after one of their German Shepherd dogs allegedly bit a man.

According to court documents, Nathan Beam, of Jackson County, Alabama is suing the former couple after allegedly being bit by one of their dogs in June of 2020.

The incident happened at a home on Old Hillsboro Road in Franklin, Tennessee.

According to the lawsuit, Beam, a cable and satellite installer, was invited onto the property to perform a new install. The home is owned by Next Chapter, LLC, a Davidson County limited liability company. 

In the filing, Beam claims neither Cutler nor Cavallari were at the home when he arrived, but he says their two German Shepherd dogs were roaming the property unrestrained. 

After the installation was complete, Beam alleges the former couple’s German shepherd, Kona, was blocking the driver-side door of his truck. 

Beam claims he then went to pick something up off the ground near his truck when the dog bit his left thumb and fingernail and “would not let go for several seconds.”

According to the filing, Cavallari’s personal assistant was at the Hillsboro Road home at the time of the incident. Beam claims the assistant handed him a paper towel and told him to leave the property immediately. 

Beam is suing for damages, claiming he has suffered physical pain and mental suffering due to the incident. He also says he has visible disfigurement and scarring. 

The suit argues that the dogs were required to be restrained or restricted to a closed area under the installation agreement. 

Cavallari is listed as living at a different address in Williamson County. Cutler’s address is listed as being in Davidson County. It’s unclear what links the former couple have to Next Chapter, LLC or the Hillsboro Road property. 

According to Beam’s suit, Cutler and Cavallari knew the dogs posed a danger to others, citing Instagram photos of the dogs that were posted by Cavallari and included hashtags like #TrainedKiller and #DontMessWithThisCrew along with the caption “beast.” 

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday, and records show summonses have been issued for both Cutler and Cavallari.