(KTLA) — It was a strange case of too much information, and too little, when Britney Spears got pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer near her home in Thousand Oaks on Oct. 6.

Body camera video shows the officer approaching Spears in her white Mercedes coupe to accuse her of crossing double yellow lines.

But before he could say anything, the pop star immediately apologized and blamed her poor driving on her urgent need to use a restroom.

“Sorry, I had to tee-tee. My house is right there. I’m so sorry,” she tells the officer.

When asked to produce her driver’s license -or any form of picture identification- Spears couldn’t.

“Do you have any photo ID or anything with your name on it? I know who you are, but, uh…,” the officer says. “Is there a reason you don’t carry it with you?”

Spears tried to explain that her security team typically holds onto her identification, and she didn’t get it back after recently traveling overseas.

The officer was cordial and appeared to be somewhat sympathetic, but he wrote her a ticket anyway and then sent Spears on her way.

Britney was first pulled over on Sept. 10 for driving 60 miles per hour in a 45-mph zone.

When she tried to get out of that traffic stop the officer told her, ““I gave you a break last time.” Once again, Spears did not have her license or insurance and told the officer that her security held onto them.

In both traffic stops, Spears expresses remorse and tries to get out of the infraction.

The singer received tickets in both instances.