In a Town N’ Country neighborhood in Hillsborough County, Democratic workers are going door to door to convince people to go to the polls on Tuesday.
“Our main focus is really Democrats that haven’t voted yet and Independents and they can be persuaded,” said Victor DiMaio with the Democratic Party.
He says this year hasn’t been easy.
” We’re fighting a wave and we don’t know which way the wave is going to go and if we can overcome it,” said DiMaio.
Republicans are also working to get people out to the polls.
” Right now every man is out there on the street and woman that we have and knocking on doors and getting those last minute voters who have not made up their mind and haven’t made up their mind and decided how they are going to vote,” said Republican Party Chair Jim Waurishuk.
Both sides are well aware that the number of early voters is down and they are working to get their side motivated to physically go to the polls Tuesday.
“What we are seeing different in this election to others, people want to go out and vote on election day, old school so to speak when we used to do it just one day,” said Waurishuk.