ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) – Congresswoman Val Demings conceded to Marco Rubio by phone Tuesday night shortly before speaking to disappointed supporters in Orlando who were gathered for her election night watch party.

“I am so proud of the campaign we have built over the last year and a half,” she told supporters. She added that she asked Rubio to keep working hard for the state of Florida.

“I think we controlled the things we could control,” she said, speaking about the efforts of her campaign.

But, she thinks there are areas the Democratic party can improve in Florida.

“The party… needs to be on the ground, registering more voters and really talking about Democratic principles and values that we stand for,” Demings said.

Asked if the Democratic party should have focused on different issues in the campaign, Demings remained proud of her campaign.

“We can do more than one thing. And that’s what I believe the people expect us to do. So I believe our agenda, at least for me and for my race, it was the right message,” she said.

Asked what comes next for her political life, Demings says she hopes to continue playing a role in party politics but feels she might be able to make a larger impact while not serving in elected office.