TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Republican Laurel Lee vows to work for all her constituents, including the ones who did not vote for her, after winning a newly-drawn U.S. House District 15 Tuesday night.

“For me, the opportunity to be a voice and a representative in Congress, to support and fight for those issues is just such an honor,” she said at her watch party in Tampa.

Lee was the last Republican to enter the primary earlier this year.

She resigned from her position as Florida’s Secretary of State under Gov. Ron DeSantis in May to run for Congress.

Before that, she was a former Circuit Judge in Hillsborough County and a federal prosecutor.

But for the last several months, she has been on the campaign trail, trying earn enough votes to beat Democrat Alan Cohn in what was believed to be a competitive district.

“We heard from voters all through the campaign about the kind of issues that were important to them: an economy that’s strong, opportunities for our children, ensuring that our communities are safe,” she said.

Lee said economic relief is her first priority in the new Congress. She said she will vote to leave abortion policies to the states.

“Really whether they are voters who supported me today or voters who did not, voters who share my party or those who don’t, this is a responsibility that extends to every single resident of congressional District 15,” said Lee.

In a debate with Cohn, Lee said she has never disputed that President Joe Biden was duly elected.