TEMPLE TERRACE, Fla. (WFLA) — Before a crowd of a dozen or so in the Hillsborough County Democratic Party offices, Alan Cohn gave a brief but emphatic concession speech in the race for Florida’s U.S. House District 15, hugging his family and thanking his supporters.

“Next time, my friends, we’re going to take back our community,” Cohn said. “We’re going to take back our state, and we are going to take back our country.”

Republican Laurel Lee won the race for the state’s newest congressional seat by about 50,000 votes, in what was predicted to be a competitive election.

This was the third time the former TV investigative reporter lost a congressional race; the previous two being different versions of the state’s U.S. House District 15.

“If there’s anything we learned by today’s results,” Cohn said, “is that if you want freedom in America, you have to show up.”

A few USF College Democrats showed up to support Cohn as well.

“I think it’s very important that we stress that every individual election is just building up for the next one, right?” said USF student Jonathan Chavez. “It’s always a work in progress.”

Cohn said the fight for the country isn’t over, and people are going to quickly see what the result of their decision was. Though he didn’t mention running again, he did say this was not the end.