TAMPA, Fla.(WFLA) — Millions of Floridians already cast their ballots ahead of Election Day and more are expected to vote before polls close on Tuesday.

One of the biggest races on this year’s ballot is the one between Senator Marco Rubio and Congresswoman Val Demings for U.S. Senate. It’s one of several races across the country that could decide Congress’ balance of power.

President Joe Biden campaigned for Val Demings in South Florida last week, and said Republicans were fighting to cut Social Security and Medicare for seniors, while his administration is fighting to bring down prescription drug prices.

“And, folks, she’s fighting for seniors to protect their Social Security and Medicare. She literally put her life on the line to serve and protect the people of this state. And when it comes to public safety, she knows what it takes,” Biden said of Demings who was chief of the Orlando Police Department, its first female chief.

Although millions of dollars have been spent on advertising for both campaigns, polls show that hasn’t done much to sway opinions. A Mason-Dixon poll in February showed Rubio with 47 percent of the vote and Demings with 41 percent. In October, Rubio led Demings 49 percent to 42 percent. 

Voters tell 8 On Your Side they want to see changes in the state.

“We’ve got to get our country on the right track, and this is a good step in doing that,” said William Kieffar a Hillsborough County voter.

“I feel like a lot we are voting for deals with human rights and human dignity in this state I feel like a lot of people’s rights are being restricted or removed,” said another Hillsborough voter, Lindsay Martin.

Polls close in Hillsborough County at 7 pm.

Results will start coming in soon after polls close at 7 p.m. As soon as they do, you can find real-time results on WFLA’s election results page.