Eagle 8 HD is an AS350 Astar helicopter manufactured by Airbus Helicopters. It is a single engine, three-bladed, light duty helicopter, and in the normal configuration it is capable of carrying up to six people.

One of the most popular helicopters in the world, the Astar holds many records, including being the only helicopter to ever land at the top of Mount Everest. Eagle 8 HD is equipped with the most state-of-the-art news gathering equipment which allows us to bring the clearest live High Definition pictures to our audience.

Our pilots are always on standby, ready to bring you Breaking News within just minutes. With the ability to be in the air for almost 2 hours at a time, there is nothing within our coverage area that is out of Eagle 8 HD’s reach.

Eagle 8 Specs

The AS350 is a single-engine light utility helicopter originally designed and manufactured in France by Aérospatiale and Eurocopter. In North America, the AS350 is marketed as the AStar

Top Speed:180 mph
Wingspan:35′ 0″
Range:411 miles
Engine Type:Turbomeca Arriel 2D
Max Weight:5,225 lbs
Maximum Endurance (with no reserves):4.3 hours
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