TAMPA BAY, Fla (WFLA) — The Tampa Bay area absolutely dominated a top 10 list of the best up-and-coming cities across the country.

SmartAsset ranked two of our towns in the first five and four more Tampa Bay area cities rounded out the big 10.

Largo (No. 2) and St. Pete (No. 5) were the first to make the list followed by Springhill (No. 6), Riverview (No. 7) and Town ‘n’ Country (No. 8).

Tampa also snuck its way into the lineup for the first time ever.

The report noted Tampa’s exponential growth rate, average temperature, low crime rate and affordable housing as factors.

“This city has seen a large influx new residents, equal to almost 2 percent of the population. The unemployment rate is also low, and continues to fall, probably a large reason for why people are coming to this boomtown. Overall our data shows the economy here grew by 4.2 percent,” SmartAsset said.

A boomtown is defined by SmartAsset as a town undergoing rapid business and population growth due to sudden prosperity.

Data was collected from 581 of the largest cities in the U.S. Those towns were then stacked against each other on five critical factors: net migration rate, housing growth rate, unemployment rate, the annual change in the unemployment rate and GDP growth rate.

Other cities selected in the ratings were Cape Coral (No. 1), Palm Coast (No. 3), Franklin, Tenn. (No. 4) and Round Rock (No. 9).

So if you’re looking to start your career or are thinking about getting a new job, you may want to consider looking for work in one of our many Tampa Bay boomtowns.>> MORE FROM LILA’S DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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