TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — December is here and, in addition to holiday excitement, the month also kicked off with a sequence of rare dates.

The final month of the year started with nine straight days of palindromes. Palindromes are phrases, words or sequences that read the same way backward as they do forward.

The first nine days of December are five-digit palindromes: 12-1-21, 12-2-21, 12-3-21, 12-4-21, 12-5-21, 12-6-21, 12-7-21, 12-8-21 and 12-9-21.

Dec. 2 is also an eight-digit palindrome: 12-02-2021.

Later in December, we’ll see two six-digit palindrome dates: 12-11-21 and 12-22-21.

According to the Farmers Almanac, 2021 had a total of 22 palindrome dates. January had a stretch of 10 consecutive palindrome dates, starting with 1-20-21.

The Farmers Almanac says some cultures consider palindrome dates to be lucky, making them a popular choice for wedding dates.