TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Ever wonder what beachy cocktail Floridians enjoy the most?

It’s the perfect refreshing drink on a warm day or festive for a cool night out – a Mojito, of course!

A new study using Google search data determined the most popular cocktail in each state.

The data collected by Versus revealed Florida’s favorite cocktail is the Mojito: a drink made with rum, mint, soda water and lime juice – typically served with mint and limes still floating in the glass.

Whiskey Sours and Long Island Iced Teas were dubbed the top two drinks in the country, followed by the Moscow Mule, Tequila Sunrise, Mimosa and Tom Collins.Other state’s favorites:

  • Arizona – Mojito
  • California – Mimosa
  • Minnesota – Bloody Mary
  • New Hampshire – Margarita
  • New Jersey – Pina Colada
  • Oregon – Whiskey Sour
  • Washington – Gin and Tonic
  • Ohio – Long Island Iced Tea


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