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Girl Scouts warn parents not to force kids to give hugs during holidays

(WFLA) -- As the holiday season approaches, the Girl Scouts of America are asking parents to think twice before insisting your kids give hugs and kisses, even to family.

The organizations stern warning posted on Facebook is simple: Your daughter doesn't "owe" anyone a hug.

Forcing children to show their appreciation through physical affection could actually give them the wrong idea about consent.

The group doesn't want little girls to feel like they "owe" someone any type of physical affection just because they do something seemingly nice.

The Girl Scouts' post goes on to encourage parents to help their daughters find another way to show gratitude that does not require close contact, including "a smile, a high-five, or even an air kiss."

The new hands-off thank you allows little ones the freedom to decide what they are comfortable with and encourages them to draw boundaries with others.

The Girl Scouts' Facebook post has been shared over 7-thousand times and it doesn't stop there.

Social media users are now debating about the best way for kids to show appreciation and respect.

To hug or not to hug? Share your thoughts with us on our WFLA News Channel 8 Facebook page.

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