Steinbrenner remake of 'The Little Mermaid' premieres in Tampa

Opening Soon in Theatres

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) - Downtown Tampa had the glitz of Hollywood Tuesday night as a movie filmed partly in Tampa Bay had it's world premiere.

It's a new version of "The Little Mermaid" produced in part by the Steinbrenner family and includes a tale of imagination, a circus magician and the dreams of a beautiful young lady.

All of it is set in the South and inspired by the 1837 Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale.

It's a fantasy, adventure film following a young girl discovering a woman she believes to be the real 'little mermaid.'

A story capturing the heart of the film's producer, Robert Malloy. The grandson of the great George Steinbrenner. "The fact act that it's so fairy-tale'ish. It's something that was very magical and something that captivated me as I was reading it and I never put it down once," he said.

It's a project he even brought his mom on board for. "It's very whimsical, and magical. It's family friendly and it's all the things I would want it to be as part of my first film...behind my son,"  she said.

Working with family members isn't always easy. But, Jessica says she held back and let her son take the reigns,"Trying to stand back and not be too involved and let him guide the way."

One of the films stars is William Moseley. Someone you might recognize from the TV series "The Royals."

"My role in the film is Cam Harris who is a reporter set on the task to investigate a mermaid," said Moseley.

And to find out what his investigation uncovered, well...no spoiler alert here. You'll just have to see the movie.

Academy Award Winner, Shirley MacLaine, was not here for the world premiere but you will see her in the movie. The film opens in theaters later this month.

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