TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Walt Disney World Resort unveiled a new look at the upcoming “Journey of Water” attraction inspired by “Moana” on Thursday.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, the Imagineering team and a crew of artisans have begun sculpting the rockwork in the exploration trail.

Fans of the animated film will see familiar shapes and characters carved in to the rocks and waterways throughout Journey of Water, including the princess herself.

“Once the pose of the character is defined, sculptors add detail and texture until the emotional expression of the carving is just right. We then do a paint study and often create full-scale samples to test final materials and carving techniques,” the Disney Parks Blog said. “This process ensures the production and creative vision for the experience align.”

(Courtesy: Disney Parks Blog)

Journey of Water will allow guests to explore and engage with water throughout the water cycle, from the skies to the ocean and back again, according to the blog. Imagineers and artists were inspired by Moana’s determination to protect the environment and her bond with water.

“…we are excited for guests to learn about the importance of water and experience its playful personality just as she did,” the blog post said.

The blog post did not mention an opening date for Journey of Water at the park.