Gabriella Rello Duffy, Editorial Director of Brides has the important DO’s and DON’Ts on the topic of wedding guest etiquette, to avoid any major faux pas. 

DO adhere to the dress code–the NO wearing white rule still applies.

DON’T ask to bring a plus one: if it’s not indicated on the invitation, the couple has made their decision and to ask for one puts them in an uncomfortable position!

DO be aware of the photographer and be careful not to get in the way–the photographer was PAID to document the wedding, and the couple will look back on these photos for years to come, so keep your phone camera and yourself out of the way of the shot.

DON’T post on social media before the couple has had the chance to post. Let them decide when they announce their wedding to the public.

DO give a gift at a destination wedding–find something on the registry that fits within your budget and get it shipped to the couple’s home.

DON’T rescind your RSVP if you already said you’d attend–if something important comes up, you may have no choice, but don’t swap out one wedding for a better one that came along.