Since 1962, the White House’s celebrated spaces and rich history have been portrayed for the public in a continually updated guidebook, THE WHITE HOUSE: AN HISTORIC GUIDE. The guidebook marked the beginning of White House history as a unique field of study. It was the first, and for its time, only comprehensive published work on a place that symbolized the history of America and all that the nation stood for to the American people.

On July 28th, 2022, the White House Historical Association (WHHA), will release the 26th edition of THE WHITE HOUSE: AN HISTORIC GUIDE, offering an intimate room-by-room tour of the interior of the house, with new photographs and content.

The first edition of the guidebook was published on July 4, 1962, and it was the first project of the WHHA, which celebrates 60 years of publishing this year. It was First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s wish that such a book be written and her letter opened the first edition. It is fitting then that the 26th edition will be released on her birthday, July 28th.  First Lady Jill Biden has written an opening letter for this new edition.