For house flippers, risk is part of the business plan. But Jon and Michelle, a New Jersey-based husband and wife duo, are taking on risks that no other flipper has ever attempted.

Time is money, and Jon and Michelle have figured out how to compress a complete home renovation that usually takes months to years into a 24-hour period. The potential benefits are huge: the sooner the house is renovated, the sooner it can go on the market, sold, and they make a profit.

But the risks are enormous. Conventional renovations rarely finish on schedule – and the team will have to race against the clock to make the deadline. Every hour of work costs thousands of dollars, and the smallest delay could derail everything. While the clock is ticking, Jon and Michelle will be on the razor’s edge between making a profit and taking a loss.

The stakes are high as Jon, Michelle and their team rewrite the rules of renovation, one house at a time.

“24 Hour Flip” is produced by 51 Minds Entertainment for A&E.