Jacqueline’s podcast series, “The Canine Condition” is a platform to bring awareness to dog adoption and provide all dog lovers and pet owners with information and resources on how to raise a healthy and well-balanced dog. The podcast features Jacqueline interviewing many wonderful people from licensed dog rescue organizations, shelters, vet clinics, dog training academies, dog food experts, and dog adopters, all of whom also work tirelessly to help end dog homelessness in the United States. “The Canine Condition” podcast is a place for education and resources no matter where you got your dog. If a topic involves a dog, Jacqueline is covering it and speaking to the experts who can enlighten us and empower us with knowledge. 

Now a mother, when Jacqueline isn’t busy in front of a camera acting or working with motion capture experts on a new video game, she can be found spending time with her family. She is also a fierce advocate for dogs in the United States which lead to her creating THE CANINE CONDITION: A Dogumentary Series