Susan’s Favorites dates:

Going to a theme park but with a twist. We all love theme parks, but I have an additional recommendation sure to make someone feel passion for you. Definitely bungee jump while you are there with your date. The adrenaline rush mimics passion and sets the tone for some excitement along the way with the nostalgia for your love of theme parks as a kid. 

A hot air balloon ride is always  a can’t miss. It’s an experience and when you are in the basket with each other there is an element of excitement that gets your heart racing because of the height. It can be very romantic and different. Aren’t you tired of drinks and a movie? Try it, and you will love it. 

Taking in a ballgame is a perfect date. Ballgames are long and there isn’t a lot of heavy action making it the place to enjoy each other’s company and chat while taking in a lazy day or evening with the backdrop of the ballpark. Your team might even win which is a plus. After the game, dropping by the neighborhood bar for a drink is the perfect way to end the day. 

Visiting a winery is a great summer date. The wine tastings and pairings are interesting and when they have music playing, it makes for a wonderful summer date. Even if you aren’t a wine lover, the vineyard is the perfect backdrop of romance and relaxation making it conducive for a nice summer afternoon or evening. 

Enjoying cocktails and your playlist on a the rooftop is a summer staple. If you can watch fireworks from the rooftop, that’s always a plus. No fireworks, don’t worry because there’s always the stars. This is such a casual but lovely date. Everyone should try it. If you can’t make it on your rooftop, find a rooftop bar. It’s one of those summer things we miss all winter and it’s a fabulous date. 

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