Cristóbal Krusen is an author and writer/director of films, commercials, and docudramas.  Among his feature film credits are Final Solution, ¿Con Quién Te Vas?More Than DreamsFirst Landing, The Bill Collector, Undaunted, and now, Sabina K.  During his more than thirty year career, he has helmed award-winning film productions throughout the world.

Sabina K., inspired by a true story, takes place in Bosnia and Herzegovina between January 2004 and January 2005.  The “Sabina” of the title is a divorced mother of two small children who has recently reconnected with Saša (they served together in the Bosnian army during the war).

Saša and Sabina fall deeply in love and plan to marry.

But there is a problem.  Sabina is Muslim and Saša a Catholic, and their respective families disapprove of the marriage.  Their only ally is an older woman, Ankica, whose son – killed in the war – had been their close friend.  “Aunt” Ankica thinks of Sabina and Saša as her own children and invites them to her home on the island of Korčula to get married.