Karenne Levey is here from MacDonald Training Center to talk about how your Gasparilla beads are helping adults with disabilities.

MacDonald Training Center’s mission is” to empower people with disabilities to lead the lives they choose.”MacDonald Training Center ( MTC) is dedicated to continuously improving the quality of the vocational, employment and residential services we have been providing to people with disabilities in the Tampa Bay area since 1953.

MacDonald Training Center was founded in 1953 by J. Clifford MacDonald and a group of visionary parents of individuals with developmental disabilities. At a time when the only alternative to being sent to a state institution was to sit at home and do nothing, these individuals rejected both options and proceeded to create innovative educational, vocational and residential alternatives. MacDonald Training Center began as one of the first pre-schools in the State of Florida for children with developmental disabilities. In tandem with the school system to develop educational programs for children and young adults, MTC evolved to become a premier provider of services for adults with disabilities. We always focus on the capabilities of the people served, not their disabilities. http://www.macdonaldcenter.org