Making desserts look picture perfect can be fun, but challenging at the same time. Pastry Chef, Matt Adlard, joins us today to teach Maggie how to make a plate look presentable for a sweet treat.

Taking a store bought cheesecake and dividing it into not one, but three different flavors.

Cookies + Cream (Oreos) –  Spiral of whipped cream with an oreo biscuit and oreo crumbs

Strawberries + Cream – Spiral of whipped cream garnished with a fresh strawberry (maybe dip these in chocolate for an added element of luxury, chocolate dipped strawberries?)

Caramel – a simple store bought caramel drizzle over the top in a zig zag motion

And if you serving this to guests at a dinner party, then why not add a touch of fun and creativity with a simple “splash” decoration on the plate.

Take some store bought chocolate sauce, and pour a little dollop into the center of a white plate. Use the back of a spoon to quickly splatter the sauce to create a dramatic effect.