When the cute little smart speaker showed up at Claire’s house, she and her parents thought it was awesome. When they needed something, the speaker was eager to help! But it also had a mischievous streak, like that time it played NPR when Claire asked for her favorite silly song. It couldn’t cause any real trouble, could it? Oh, it could!

Enter a robot with cookies, 1,000 pianos, a llama, a rainbow unicorn minivan and lots and lots of poop.

From Tamara Keith and Davis Gordon, with illustrations by Samantha Lane Fiddy, “Claire and the Eager Speaker” is a laugh out loud read-along inspired by real life events. Highly relatable and packed with giggles for anyone who has experienced the absurdity of trying to use a smart speaker. With lessons about the limitations of technology and the unintended consequences of getting everything you ask for, this silly story for kids delivers a lesson along with its poop jokes.