Just in time for National Dog Day, we’ve got all the must-have info to help avoid “accidents” at home and we’re breaking down what dogs’ peeing habits can say about their health.  We’ll get to the bottom of why your pooch pees where she shouldn’t,  whether it’s medical or behavioral and how to manage it to give our best friends their best life.

About Dr. Jody Lulich:  Dr. Jody Lulich is the director of the Minnesota Urolith Center. He specializes in nephrology and urology and has earned an international reputation as a clinical investigator and educator in this field. He has published over 100 refereed manuscripts, 200 book chapters, and awarded over $6,000,000 in funded research. Among his contributions to veterinary medicine is the technique of voiding urohydropropulsion, a nonsurgical method to remove uroliths in seconds from the urinary bladder. In 2007, he was voted as Speaker of The Year at the North American Veterinary Conference held in Orlando, Florida. He was awarded the Norden-Pfizer-Zoetis Distinguished Teacher Award in 2001 & 2013. A published a memoir of his veterinary career, In the Company of Grace will be released in February of 2023. He is the 2023 President of the R.O.C.K. Society. He has two dogs, one cat and studies classical piano.

About Heather A. Davis: Heather A. Davis, DVM, PhD, DACVS-LA, Manager Clinical & Non Clinical Studies at Pegasus Laboratories. Dr. Heather Davis completed her veterinary curriculum at Auburn University and went on to complete a rotating equine internship at Equine Medical Center of Ocala. From there, she returned to Auburn University to simultaneously complete an equine surgical residency as well as a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology. Dr. Davis was also on faculty at Auburn University as a Clinical Instructor in areas of equine surgery as well as pharmacology while serving as a resident veterinarian at a Clydesdale breeding farm in Alabama. In 2016, Dr. Davis traded academia for industry and was hired by Pegasus Laboratories in the Department of Regulatory Affairs and New Product Development. Currently, she oversees in life projects within the development pipeline as well as contributes to pre and post approval regulatory activities with CVM on behalf of Pegasus.