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Real tufa pots are expensive so make your own.

This is a fun project for kids and adults. It’s a cheap and fun project for kids to do for Holiday gifts for other.

Take equal parts Portland cement, peat moss (sift if large chunks are present), perlite and water (may need to add more or less).

Mix all together. Mixture is ready when you can form a ball with a bit of water seeping out.

Forms can be any size. Two containers that nest into each other are perfect. These can be old plastic food container or metal cooking pans. For larger pots plastic bins or wood forms can be used.

Free forms can be used as well. Take muffin pans or plastic containers and form cement along the sides by pressing firmly.

If using metal or plastic forms, spray the forms with cooking spray to prevent sticking.

Place a layer of mixture in the bottom of form. Use a piece of foam as your drain hole. This can be chiseled out later.

Add your inner form and fill mixture in around the sides.

Cover with plastic and let sit for 48 hours to a week depending on size of the container.

Once removed from form let the container sit for a few weeks.

To leach out the lime from the cement place in a tub of water or allow rain to rinse it.

Then plant! For small containers, succulent cuttings work very well.