We tap into the expertise of each of our panelists for today’s “Maggie and the Moms”. Margaret Zakarian, president of Zakarian Hospitality, shares how her family makes decisions about promoting their brand on social media while protecting their children’s privacy and safety. One of her suggestions is to turn off the apps’ location features and consider posting about an event, not while in attendance, but after it has already ended to avoid potential predators knowing where to find your children.

Friendship coach Danielle Bayard Jackson offers her tips for helping our children make friends. She encourages parents not to pressure their kids to make friends, to be mindful of the environment in which their children would feel most comfortable interacting socially and to remind children to look out for anyone who’s being excluded and to “be inviters”.

Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine editor Laura Byrne shares her top theme park hacks, including taking advantage of Black Friday deals to buy annual passes.