Spoons Across America (www.spoonsacrossamerica.org) is a NON-FOR-PROFIT organization (that’s available in Tampa & all over the county) that wants kids to live better and healthier for the long term/

They just recently launched a virtual at-home early education culinary program nationally. 

It’s an incredibly fun educational activity for children to participate in in the comfort of their own kitchen. With three at-home programs that are now available for children and their parents throughout the US, Spoons Across America is bringing its mission-driven NYC based program to kitchens around the country.

 It’s a new, accessible educational tool to give kids long term tools to achieve healthy living. Bonus: it takes them away from their screen and gets their hands dirty (sorry, Mom!).

Katherine Gage Boulud, former restaurant chef, a children’s nutrition-advocate and mother of two with Michelin starred chef-husband Daniel Boulud, swears by the program and its mission, so much so that she is a spokesperson for the organization and sits on the board.