Often getting older means downsizing…. But what do you choose to keep, and what do you get rid of, when you’ve lived in a home for 30 or 40 years? Beth Warren is an expert on serving the unique needs of senior citizens on the move. She says most older adults making this type of transition need to downsize considerably, and the organizational and physical tasks can be overwhelming. Here are her tips for helping a senior move:

  • Recreate the home as much as possible, to help transition faster and with less stress.
  • It may not be possible to get all furniture in the new place, but items can be located on the furniture in the same place.
  • Take photos of items – for example a book case – and then place items in the same place after the move.
  • Use floor and space planning to try to move as many items as possible.
  • Tag and sort items. Don’t move more items than the space will hold.

Read more of Beth’s tips on her blog, at www.redefinedliving.com.