Tips for “bougie on a budget” home decor:

Painted “wallpaper”

Traditional wallpaper is so expensive, create an accent wall using some paint. You can hand paint a patterned mural. If you’re nervous about it not coming out perfect, that’s okay! Those “imperfections” look extra custom.

Large mirror

Mirrors can be super expensive, so the cost of an extra large mirror… forget it! You can actually DIY this though. For example an old-school vanity can get transformed. If you have the DIY experience, you can very carefully remove it from the wall, but if you want to leave it up on the wall, try adding picture frame molding that’s been painted gold.

Peel and stick floor tiles

Ripping up flooring gets pricey and is so messy and time-consuming! Plus hiring the right people for the job is a pain. Peel-and-stick flooring is the perfect, budget-friendly solution, especially if you live in a rental because these will lift up when you’re ready for a change. It’s also great if you’re in the middle of saving up money for a bigger reno project.

Faux marble countertops

You can actually paint over existing countertops, refinishing them with a special paint kit. You roll some primer over it then spray it to fake the veining of a fancier marble. It’s a bit of a time-consuming process, so it happens over a few days but it’s a FRACTION of the cost.

Crystal chandelier

Something about crystal chandeliers just looks ritzy! Choosing a chandelier that’s got cut geometric shaped pieces helps it feel a little more modern. You can get so many affordable options now on places like Overstock or Wayfair.

Wall trim

This is a trick you can do if you live in a plain ol’ white box. New buildings in particular lack a lot of that architectural charm you see in older buildings. When you paint it all one color, it looks so rich. If you want to give the trim a subtle pop, I’d suggest choosing a semi-gloss finish.

Dramatic drapes

Really full window coverings look so dreamy. If you ever go to a nice hotel, you’ll notice their curtains are floor to ceiling, they really make a room feel massive and luxury. And you don’t even need to pay a ton of money for custom treatments. A website like cuts the cost in half. Opt for a fabric like velvet for more luxe factor and pair them with brass rods and hardware. Brass makes everything feel more sophisticated.

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