Black Pioneers of the Sunshine City

Daytime Web Staff - Black Pioneers of the Sunshine City" is a documentary that chronicles the history of African American struggles and successes in St Petersburg, Florida. This historical documentary will tell the stories of Black men and women, whose activitism contributed to our beloved community that we all know today.


This amazing story will be told by St. Pete's residents who were actually there and who will give eye-witness account of the life and times of these Black pioneers.  This special program will air during Black History month on local PBS station WEDU Television, Channel 3 in Tampa.


Unlike many other documentaries aired on local and national television today, "Black Pioneers of the Sunshine City" is a fast-paced and concise one-hour program utilizing historical photos, films, video footage along with music from the different eras, including the 1950's, and 1960's to tell this amaizing story.

David Boston, a Gibbs High School graduate, is the senior producer and director of "Black Pioneers of the Sunshine City". David previously worked as producer and director with NBC, CBS, ABC and PBS television network. His brother, Prof. Archie Boston, also a Gibbs High School graduate, is producer and creative director. Archie has extensive experience in advertising, design and design education in the greater Los Angeles area. Set designer, William Newmon, is their childhood friend who also attended Gibbs. William has worked on many popular television shows at Universal Studios and Sony Pictures.  He was recently presented with a "Life-time Achievement Award" by the Art Directors Guild in Beverly Hills, CA.


WEDU Television just recently released the broadcast schedule for "Black Pioneers of the Sunshine City".  The program will air on  WEDU (3-1 HD channel) -

February 26 - Monday at 9:00pm             (broadcast premiere)

February 28 - Wednesday at 2:00pm       (weekday repeat)

WEDU 3-1, WEDU-PBS (HD) can be found on Spectrum (Brighthouse) Ch. 1003, Xfinity (Comcast) Ch. 440, WOW! Ch. 905, Frontier (Verizon) FiOS Ch. 503, and digital broadcast on Ch. 3.1.


on WEDQ (3-4 HD channel) (our second HD channel) -

February 26 - Monday at 10:00pm           (broadcast premiere on second channel)

February 27 - Tuesday at 3:00pm             (weekday repeat)

March 2nd - Friday at 7:00pm                   (weeknight repeat)

WEDQ (3-4 HD) channel can be found on Spectrum (Brighthouse) Ch. 605, Xfinity (Comcast) Ch. 203, Frontier (Verizon) FiOS Ch. 516, WOW! Ch. 137, and over the air digital broadcast on Ch. 3-4.


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