Back to school is coming and it is prep time for parents. Lifestyle Expert Marisa Brahney stopped by to share some of her back to school essentials.

Getting organized is often half the battle for getting the kids back to school.Everything needs a label and Marisa says she loves Mabel’s Labels because not only are their personalized labels super durable- waterproof, laundry and dishwasher safe- but they also make it SO easy for parents with their combo packs to really help customize to different ages and needs.

The Ultimate Back-to-School Combo offers the best solution for all ages, with a combination of labels for clothing, school supplies, lunchboxes and more.

Mabel’s Labels also has a Little Kid School Combo that features fun and vibrant labels for young learners. They’re designed specifically for younger children, with playful and colorful designs, including left-foot and right-foot shoe labels. The pack includes labels for clothing, shoes, backpacks, and other essential school items that little ones bring. Their durability is able to withstand the rough and tumble of a child’s daily activities.

The Middle School Label Pack has stylish and age-appropriate labels for tweens that cater to their personal style and give them that individuality. This combo pack has an assortment of labels for clothing, electronic devices, sports gear, and more.

Finally, with many families focusing on sticking to a budget during their back-to-school shopping, Mabel’s Labels has them covered with their NEW budget-friendly Basic Back-to-School Label Pack – these labels have the same great waterproof, dishwasher-safe, and laundry-safe features as other label combos and come in 35+ solid colors.

Speak of those younger kids- they sometimes do need a few more items to pack with them for the school day.

Toddlers, preschoolers and some kindergarteners often nap at school, and keeping them as comfortable as possible is key to keep them well-rested especially during the transition of heading back to school.

KeaBabies has fantastic toddler and mini-toddler pillows that are perfect to pack for school. The toddler pillows are ergonomically designed, durable and shaped for toddlers ages 2-5 years old. The Mini-Toddler Pillow is a spin-off, a bit smaller and perfect for toddlers 2 to 4. 

These pillows are perfect for those preschool naps, as well as travel or bedtime. The pillows are made with soft, natural cotton, in a variety of cute prints and patterns, machine washable and dryer safe. Check them out at or on Amazon and use the code DAYTIME10 for a special discount.

One of the other things Marisa always stashes in her kids’ backpacks and lunchboxes is Handzies Soap + Water Wipes.

Individually packaged and perfect for lunchboxes, backpacks, sports bags and more, Handzies Soap + Water Wipes give your child fresh, clean hands using only natural castile soap, water and essential oils. 

These are great for kids to get clean hands when they can’t get to a sink. They don’t contain any alcohol, harsh ingredients or artificial perfumes or dyes, making them gentle for the whole family. These won’t dry out or damage kids’ skin. You can use the promo code SUMMER10 for 10% off any purchase at

For a sweet treat to start the school year, how about one that has no artificial colors or flavors, no high-fructose corn syrup AND is gluten free and non-GMO?

Sweet Chaos Popcorn is just better made popcorn that’s so delicious- it’s one of Marisa’s family favorites. The line’s fun flavors are fantastic and they even have individual bags that make for a great lunchbox treat or homework break.

Sweet Chaos Cake Batter is a wweet and salty kettle corn with cake batter flavored drizzle. The Sweet Chaos Peanut Butter Cup has the same sweet and salty kettle corn with dark chocolatey and peanut buttery drizzles, and the Sweet Chaos Black and White features dark and white chocolatey drizzles- so there are options for every sweet craving!

For a great first day of school teacher gift- Marisa put together an “apple” for the teacher with Wiley Wallaby’s Green Apple licorice.

Wiley Wallaby’s Green Apple has that fresh-from-the-orchard flavor and is a soft, chewy licorice bursting with flavor. Wiley Wallaby is fat free, vegan and has no high fructose corn syrup, making it a better option that is truly delicious.

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