Avocado Eggs with Pear Goat Cheese and Mint Salad


•        Two avocados cut in half with pits removed (skin left on)

•        Four eggs

•        2 tbsp diced roasted red peppers

•        1 tbsp Smoked Sweet Paprika

•        1 tbsp Brooklyn Everything Bagel Blend

•        4 to 5 semi-ripe red pears

•        4 oz herb Goat Cheese

•        Coarse Black Malabar Pepper and Fine Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to taste

•        3/4 cup Fresh Mint torn into ½” pieces

•        2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1.       Preheat oven to 375 F.

2.       Crack eggs into the pit area of the avocados.

3.       Place salt, pepper, Brooklyn Bagel Blend as well as Smoked Paprika and diced red peppers over avocado and egg.

4.       Bake avocados in oven for twelve to fifteen minutes until the egg is set.

5.       While the avocados bake, slice pears into very thin rounds. Place on a platter in a single layer.

6.       Sprinkle coarse salt and pepper on pears.

7.       Break Goat cheese into small chunks and place on top of pears.

8.       Toss torn mint leaves over salad. Sprinkle Olive Oil over salad. Sprinkle another small amount of coarse black pepper over salad