The Oscars are Hollywood’s biggest night, and now The Sunnys are Daytime’s brightest day! Scroll down to see the winners Maggie and Farron announced at the Daytime Sunny Awards.

Game On 

  • Wordle 
  • Daytime Recess 
  • Truth or Dare 
  • Rom-com Emojis 
  • Oktoberfest Relay


  •  Dolly Parton 
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Jurassic Cast – Laura Dern & Jeff Goldblum      
  • ​Joanna Garcia Swisher     ​      
  • Alan Ritchson 

Top Tasty Recipe

  • birria tacos from The Birria Bros 
  • lobster rolls from Maine-iacs
  • risotto paella from Sal y Mar
  • grouper over jollof rice from Ocean Hai 
  • shrimp Mo-kay-ka from Cynthia Presser

Epic Fail ​

  • Maggie’s cake sauce catastrophe 
  • Farron’s soccer kick to Mars 
  • Maggie’s Froze colored glasses 
  • Farron’s double dutch disaster 

Amazing Artwork

  • Cartoon Maggie and Farron by Caricature Hut
  • Chalk it up to pups by Chalk Dirty to Me
  • Daytime squared by The Cube Abides

Inspired by… 

  • Sun Dude – the first male dancer on the USF Sundolls 
  • Emily Rowly – life with no arms and no limits
  • Baseball for Grandpa 
  • Eco Activist and TikToker – Trash Caulin 
  • Grey hair, don’t care – Choreographer Kim Hale  

Adventures Away

  • Farron’s shot with The Harlem Globetrotters 
  • Friends sleepover 
  • Maggie swims with manatees 
  • Daytime on Ice 
  • Beekeeper for a day 

Daytime Dance Floor

  • Maggie and Farron’s virtual holiday card 
  • Schooled in dance – Ms. Yolanda Turner versus her student 
  • National Dance Day with Arthur Murray Dance Studio 
  • TikTok star Allison Jacobs 
  • The 305 Workout 

Coolest Costume (viewers’ choice)

  • The Sanderson Sisters 
  • Top Gun
  • Bride besties 
  • Rosie the Riveter & Diana Ross 

Sunniest in Show 

  • Farron’s First Day 
  • Baby Hipp’s Gender Reveal 
  • Miss Daytime Drag Pageant 
  • Halloween Herstory 
  • Fitness Hour