Maggie and the Moms get in on the #5Things viral trend with the help of Board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Rosana Lastra, who shares her list of five things that, as a physician and a mom herself, she would never do with her own child:

1)Never clean child’s ears with Q-Tips

2)Never allow child to be mobile with anything resembling a stick (e.g.: toothbrush)

3)Never buy items containing button batteries (no button batteries in the home)

4) Never allow child to play with stray animals

5)Never give child Benadryl (makes kids too drowsy)

Dr. Lastra also shares the item she considers a must-have in the home– honey. For children one and older, she recommeds honey for colds and coughs, as well as minor scrapes and burns. Dr. Lastra says honey can also be given if a child swallows a button battery to decrease tissue damage while parents make their way to the ER.