Find out how you can help wounded warriors with 11th Warrior through a fundraiser featuring some of the worlds biggest CrossFit athletes. It’s happening now on Clearwater Beach.

Volleyball Game: A charity event for limited ticket holders, celebrity guests, VIPs, wounded veterans and sponsored athletes.

Autograph/Photo Session: After the volleyball tournament, this is an opportunity to thank the volunteers for all their hard work, and the opportunity for photos and autographs with the Sponsored Athletes. Limited to volunteers and VIPs.

Private Social: A rooftop social at the Hyatt Hotel overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Catered with food, bartender and music. Restricted to $250 Ticket Holders, VIPs, Veterans and Sponsored Athletes. Weigh-Ins for Derek Weida vs. Dereck Carver for the Rush Club 009 Event.

Guest Speaker:(Ret.) Rear Admiral Ed Winters III, SEAL Team Commander

SEALIFT:Performing a mid-day “surf torture” PT session for crowd members, spectators and athletes as a relief of competition and bonus for spectators.

Sundown Snatch Off:A friendly competition that gives spectators a chance to watch sponsored athletes attempt the heaviest snatch they can perform during while the sun goes down over the Gulf of Mexico.

Rush Club 009:Competitive Fitness Championship is about heroes who refuse the call to be ordinary and cross the threshold to pursue the call to victory. Stories about how people are tested, how they overcome enemies both inside and out. Stories about seizing the sword, going into battle, and emerging victorious.