TAMPA (WFLA) – Publix debuted a wholesome Thanksgiving commercial in 2018 that made so many people cry they decided to bring it back for another round of tears this year.

The commercial, titled “Catching Up,” features the relatable story of a son coming home from college for Thanksgiving and catching up with his family, who he maybe hasn’t seen since the school semester started.

Publix “Catching Up”

The family sits down for a Thanksgiving meal likely featuring a few Publix-made dishes.

Publix “Catching Up”

Once dinner is finished, the boy says he’s going out with his friends; likely a hometown reunion of sorts. The mom’s face will break your heart. She knows their time together this trip is limited and she’s not done catching up.

Publix “Catching Up”

“You’re back?!” While spreading Publix plastic wrap over a leftover dish, mom is surprised by her son who changed his mind. He, too, thinks there’s more catching up to do.

Publix “Catching Up”

Here’s the ad for those who haven’t seen it:

Now that we’re all crying, let’s take a look at Twitter users reacting to the ad:

This Publix Thanksgiving story is a little reminder that in a world that moves so fast, it’s important to slow down, take time, and make memories with the ones you love. So let’s perfect that pie recipe, share a story, and make new memories around the table.