ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — Through melted beeswax and dye, the intricate pysanka designs are created.

This is the Ukrainian people’s way of designing Easter eggs for the holiday. Johanna Krynytzky said it’s one of her favorite traditions.

“As soon as I could walk or talk my grandma had me out doing the eggs,” she said.

Kryntzky said the Soviets banned their ancient artform during WWI.

“Just like they outlawed Ukrainian language, Ukrainian religion, so it was illegal to practice this art,” she said.

It almost killed the tradition. Kryntyzky told 8 On Your Side she’s dedicated to keep the artform alive, especially during this time of unrest in Ukraine.

“When you’re a kid, you just think oh this is ancient history, and so to be reliving it again right now is just like horrible,” she said. “It’s like wow this is really reality, this is what’s happening and what can I do.”

She created the workshop 10 years ago, but this year the proceeds will go toward humanitarian efforts for Ukraine.

“Donations that we’re making for those who are refugees from Ukraine right now,” said Katia Kulikova.

She said her mother and grandmother are still in Ukraine and every day the war has her on edge.

“You get a text message and you don’t know whether she’s cooking something, and she wants to share a recipe with me or because they have to go hide in the basement,” she said.