TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A woman was caught on video taking a home’s entire candy supply for herself Halloween night while in costume.

Popular YouTube streamer Andy Signore, host of Popcorned Planet, told WFLA he was out trick-or-treating with his family when he saw what happened on the doorbell’s app.

“I caught it happening LIVE, and I was shocked,” Signore said. “I expected some teens to be greedy, but I couldn’t believe an adult woman would take it all.”

The video showed the woman, dressed in what appeared to be a barmaid costume, empty both candy buckets into her own bucket.

“She dressed up, walked on my lawn, and seems to do it with intent,” Signore said. “It was super mean. Who needs that much candy that badly?”

Signore uploaded the video onto his Twitter, which went viral.

“This delightful ADULT WOMAN decided to dump BOTH buckets of candy from my porch, so no other children could get any,” he wrote.

Signore said he didn’t think the woman should face any criminal penalties, but he said she should apologize for taking all the candy and make a donation to a children’s charity or school to make up for it.